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Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your property from named perils, including natural disasters such as: Hurricane, Fire, Windstorm and many others.

Types of Home Insurance:

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  • Homeowners Insurance

    Homeowners insurance protects your property from named perils, including natural disasters such as: Hurricane, Fire, Windstorm and many others.



    The state of Florida offers many option of coverage available to different home owners. The most common one is the HO3 Form. This policy forms is available for property owner occupied as primary residence. This policy form includes coverage for the Dwelling in replacement cost, contents, loss of use and personal liability as well. In Florida many of the insurance carriers offer discount which could vary from each company.

    Another well-known policy is the HO6 policy form which is applicable for Condo Unit owners. This policy offers limited coverage since the Condominium Association offers a master policy protects the external structure of the property, leaving the internal structure coverage to the property owner's responsibility (which in this case will be covered by the insurance company).

    There are other policy forms available for single-family dwelling (some condo units could as well) called Dwelling Fire Insurance of DPs. This policy forms are usually available for properties tenant occupied or seasonal/second home owner occupied. There are 3 forms available on this policy type, DP1 (Basic Form) DP2 (Broad Form) and DP3 (Special Form). The premium of these policies could vary depending on the location, type of usage and age of the dwelling are the most important factors.

    Although Homeowners insurance is not mandatory in Florida, this policy is highly recommended specially due the Hurricane Season and the increasing of Fire and theft claims in the last few years.

    Since Homeowners insurance terms and conditions are reviewed every year, we suggest you to keep yourself updated by reviewing The Florida Department of Financial Services website:

  • Renters Insurance

    Renters Insurance is very similar to the Homeowners Insurance. The main difference is that since the renter does own the property he only needs to insure his personal property and his personal liability. This policy protects the renter of any damage caused to his or hers contents or even theft.


    Premium for this policy is usually very affordable, depending on the amount of coverage you need for your contents. This policy is highly recommended to all tenants due the increase of burglar and fire incidents happening in Central Florida.

  • Personal Umbrella

    Umbrella insurance is a relatively inexpensive way to obtain significant increases in important insurance policy coverage limits for Liability. Consumers are familiar with motor vehicle and homeowners insurance policies. They are separate policies covering separate and distinct risks. Each has its own policy limits and premium charge.


    Umbrella insurance is a distinct coverage that is purchased as a standalone package to supplement other, separate policies, such as the motor vehicle and homeowners examples mentioned above.

    Example: A motor vehicle policy may provide bodily injury coverage of $10,000 or even $100,000. Separately, the homeowners policy (similar renters insurance is also available) may provide the same coverage limit.

    Bodily injury coverage pays for personal injuries and death caused by the insured's negligence. Although $100,000 in coverage is enough in most cases, in some cases it is not nearly enough. Some serious injuries command $1,000,000 and more in damages, while wrongful death damages can reach into the multiple millions. In these cases, the protection afforded by the primary policy is insufficient. This is where umbrella coverage comes into play.


    Umbrella insurance is designed to be available once the limit of the primary policy is exhausted. The advantages of umbrella coverage over simply increasing the limits in the primary policies are twofold: (1) Simplicity. One umbrella package covers multiple policies (in our example, motor vehicle and homeowners); and (2) Cost. The premium on an umbrella policy is less than the premium for the same coverage limit under the primary policy.

    The Umbrella Insurance can only exist if there is an Underlying policy as excess Liability. The Umbrella insurance cannot be placed as the only Liability coverage

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